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Victor Zaragoza

Month, Day & Place of Birth: May 14th - Juarez, Mexico

Zodiac Sign:  Taurus

Hobbies:  Video Games (PS4 & Xbox One)

Favorite Color:  Emerald Green

Favorite Food:  I have to pick ONE???

Favorite Movie:  The Warriors

Favorite Sports Team:  Oakland Raiders

Favorite Vacation Spot: Turks & Caicos

Celebrity Lookalike:  Cookie Monster (Coooooookiiiiiiie!!!)

Celebrity you'd most like to meet:  Cookie Monster (I love Cookies)

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why:  A Pug! Because they sound like they have little engines running in them all the time!

First Job:  Paper Route

If you weren't on the radio, what job would you have and why:  Writing & Producing Music! It's in me blood and I still do it now!
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May 27, 2015 -- 4:09pm

Big Daddy's Giveaways 3p-8p, April 27th - May 1st, 2015!

Apr 28, 2015 -- 6:20pm

Caller 29 at 1.855.762.1029 WINS!!!

3p - D'Angelo tix
4p - R. Kelly & E-40 tix
5p - Your chance at $1000
6p - The Art of Rap Festival tix

Big Daddy's Giveaways 3p-8p, Feb. 23rd - Feb. 27th, 2015!

Feb 23, 2015 -- 6:10pm

Win Tickets to see George Lopez Live!

All this week I will have tickets for caller 9 at 5pm!


George Lopez is performing at The Warfield in San Francisco on March 7!

Big Daddy's Giveaways 3p-8p, Jan. 5th - Jan. 9th, 2015!

Jan 05, 2015 -- 5:28pm

Caller 9 at 1.855.762.1029 WINS!

3:10p - Forever Charlie Tour - tix
4:10p - Forever Charlie Tour - tix
5:10p - George Lopez - Tix

Sir Mix-A-Lot Live at the Palladium in Sunnyvale December 12th!

Dec 01, 2014 -- 7:41pm

Win Tickets to see Sir Mix-A-Lot LIVE!

Listen this week at 12pm, 3pm, and 5pm for your chance to win tickets!

Sir Mix-A-Lot performs live at The Palladium in Sunnyvale on Friday, December 12th.  


The Palladium is located at 767 N Mathilda Avenue in Sunnyvale. Doors open at 9pm and parking is FREE!

Big Daddy's Giveaways 3p-8p, Nov. 3rd - Nov. 7th, 2014!

Nov 03, 2014 -- 4:05pm

Caller 9 at 1.855.762.1029 WINS!!!

All week at 4:10p Win Your tix to see El and Chico Debarge at The Bal Theatre in San Leandro on Friday, Nov. 7th at 7pm and 10pm!


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