KBLX $1,000 Scholarship Winner:Sydney

Wednesday, March 8th


The Morning Dream Team surprised the second KBLX Scholarship winner with $1,000. As a bonus, comedian & actor Shawn Wayans rewarded our winner, Sydney with the check. 

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102 point die JP LX debased number one for R&D. Welcome to the dream team radio podcasts. Jets did dream team week day mornings alive Monday through Friday on 102 point nine KP LX. One of two point nine KB alleged to Bay's number one for R&B this is dream team radio can ET tele Scopes on planes is here and now also is to enjoy and this is a young lady that you know we have the dream James got a (%expletive) that's all this line is also thanks to time eazy. Early in my Tommy do things in the comedy he does great things in the community that's right now and that includes home moved. I mean how does it feel man immediately and you've just read some of the essays we've gotten. Some of these young people manage some of the great things that they do in the community how does that make you feel. On Phil's agree not act until everybody I'm just trying to get in heaven right now I'm sixteen I have been just trying to give back a little bit and and just appreciate. He'd relax and everything you guys do what you do so much it's always wanted to thank you for being official sponsor for the February dream team scholarship. And I you know local businesses and year out there and you wanna copy Tommy T esrey reached out to KBR Lance Niekro is used to pinpoint your business behind. A dream team stylish sit in if you have more than a thousand dollars. Prove it then yeah yeah yeah let's cut that check for these babies business and I am calling you. Out right here right now and it's not about inspiring young minds inspiring the future now we get like I mean tons of essays. 500 words or less reticent to read these essays disliked. How is tennis on wave on my. These essays from. ID give my life together. Right and I haven't done I had none and I had a among the seventy load that I exile. Alia a bunch of essays come in this time dozens and dozens and pinky to everybody who encourage those it's Amanda McKinney Alexa dot com. We made things happen yup and so we have one of the final list here today. A young missing Sydney when a bunch of how you doing sitcom good are you. Hello I was doing my own good happy I am Friday you do it I am thinking. That I'd tell the Bay Area a little bit something about yourself. I'm from Fremont mourn and pray as a house a very loving hands are always keep me motivated devoted to everything I do so. Thank you Saddam's we see a mom in all yellow yeah. And now she brings I'm always say yeah. He moms and everything. And yeah. And AKA city. Mom and think I learned thing I saw just. Just some of the things that you've done did you rodeo managed some of these that you aspire and they do have sympathy did you so are my senior graduating in June 1 of the journalists really my that's my goal signed an intention plus America's sons in saint call the mosaic sent out to them. And just gonna focus on getting people's stories out photography writing learns things down so. That's what I'm focused on school. Now let slip elicit another accomplishment I am proud yeah. She's BMI is having exceeding the amount of service hours for my school I intend Irvington high school sat there and doing this. Hi this. Now what are you more are required to have forty hours of community service to graduate but I am proud to say that I have how many hundred in four idioms 200 wow yes he did my yeah. The if my study Manningham play good now. And we're. Right out of my hours came from volunteering a program to the city of Fremont which lasted three weeks starting. 8:30 in the morning and ended at 3 o'clock. This program consisted of many acts of service such as cleaning up. Around the park picking up trash raking leaves and getting rid of on ones and weeds in more I can truly say participating in the Fremont camp provided me. But the good supply of work and life skills. Allowing me to be. A more complete individuals. You've got that guy named lab room. And your girl scout team it's been since kindergarten in films though there's so what do you have to stay Italian restaurant that young man I'm. We don't we have him on homeowners could use a little chocolate with a mix in the name I had my les yeah I did and I'm glad I'm gonna. And drop them yeah. How. And what's up. She has surpassed. And it is lyrics tell us your experience with the SM Cisco giants and national autism nine and so. The founder of the giants host and causes and I forgot his and kids about 1015 down news or banned there are just there. The fans watching the game and getting recognized for iron. Having a good attitude that they're fighting there disease and had a big impact on you it did send pitchers and top of the families and just seeing my through stories and elect not to stoke on non. Negative news out positives and then I intend I was ninth in the classroom. Before. I see him doing it day so angry you know we just we gotta be honest we penetrate you know how to pay. You're not one of the finally as far as actually you are Arabs dream teams don't. Not playing. Given any news so right now. Instead of all this morning that 100000. Dollars. He has something we had a panic they can see this coming out in front of his that you are when this month. And that's I also courtesy of Tommy decent comedy club did you yeah yeah. I mean and I'll give you easy edit any other business wants to step up and be the sponsor of the dream team scholarship. It is suddenly gives info I can be alleged that time we will reach out to you say hey you can wet day. He didn't challenge. The radio. On morneau two point nine KG LAX.