Wednesday, January 25th


"The only things you should doubt are your limits!"-Anonymous

You know it's time to break up with self-doubt! 

In less than 10 minutes, Kimmie Tee explains her techniques for overcoming this emotional distraction!

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Entered its own children yeah yeah. And stands just keeps time you came back once again and he needs he's dreaming I. Discovered that good luck in your post is PDT by the way. Dying kgo are experiencing. This is the dream house and it came ET. I hear is big deal no doubt no doubt is a big word how do we deal with doubts. It comes up so often in analyzed. You know it can't be a good thing sometimes doubt comes in the form of red flags and sometimes ignore those wetlands and and up with a really bad tattoos but other times you know we doubt ourselves and elect's talk about that because it is on about she bunker room so Heidi you overcome doubting yourself. First and foremost. Don't read the comments. Do not read it if you put yourself out there in a position to be criticized perhaps like. On YouTube or instant grant more face blunt end. And you know that it doesn't make you comfortable don't read the comments you'd have to read the comments if you wanna share yourself with the world. A Red Hat. There's nothing wrong with posting a picture of posting a video and then just letting it go term additionally. How to overcome self doubts. Some something that you really you will hear only like about yourself. When those moments of doubt creep in nearly column that show about this dress but just remember how good. And how blessed you are in certain places in the body. You know I'm work in and out so party feels good and that consent the momentum in motion. Where. All of you could feel good eventually. You know. Another way to. Overcome self doubt. Is Sarah really understand. That this is who you Arnaud I don't know why it's. In no matter how hard you try. It can't hop into somebody else's body. Have you seen those people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. So look like somebody else wanna look like him last year I wanna look like. It is that must be a very very sad existence because there's nobody else on earth who is you who acts like he laughs like you. You can't do anything about it. And the fact that she can't do anything about it must mean that it's absolutely. Believe perfect. If there's nothing that you can change about it. That's perfection you are perfection and you need to start to really understand. At bats. In order to. Let go of that doubt and why do you wanna dug yourself you're all you have at the end of it when it comes down to what you were the one making the decision and if you doubt yourself. You're really set. Yourself up to being in dangerous positions. Is what happens if you have to react last inning and you doubt yourself. Another way to overcome self doubt is. Hang around people who. Came weren't the right of people. I can't tell you the right people are for you. But I can Dianna they feel good to be around. When you are around the right people. Are the right person. You feel good. You have this confidence about east stand up straight your head as that you're engaged in the conversation we knew our around the right people. And if people around you make you feel. Insecure. Or. Doubtful. YEK why why do you hang Alec fountain. You know if if people you know are popular models then you know choose fully and honestly that you can't afford it. Why are you hanging out without them because. It sent a distress and now because you know you can't sit up here and be like hey everybody known by everybody the bottom because he can't pitch China. Trying to kick him all I stopped. And any you know that doesn't feel good so. And be around people that does make you feel and or that you feel good when you're around them not that they meet cute film that you know you can breathe deeply around them. And that's a huge sanitary. Around the right person is when you can just breathe and be like you know let. Cool I can be myself I have nothing to worry about. That's definitely. A key in overcoming self doubt is being around. Though right people. And finally. People are gonna do what they're gonna do and no matter what you can't stop them. You know we can't tell somebody you can't control anything that anybody death Cohen try it but she. He me and making it sound. The important lesson for me to not take things personally. And in it's really help me. Be aware and today because that fight took things personally people I like my employees definitely my luck. You know don't think on black enough Fuller or blood. Are. I just anxious Chile as they say I don't have time for that so. Here we are so I hope this helps you out. And it gives you a little boost on your way to feel better about yourself right here right Allen even for a minute for a moment. For an hour for a day the goal is to be happy and we know that that's okay. Day community inside. I. We're.