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HOW TO HANDLE LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS w/ Special Guest, Universal Latin Music songwriter, KidNinja Los!

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Entered its own channel yeah. You can and stands just keep. King bad once again MTV TDs dream I. Discovered that good luck in your post is PDT of the ones. Dying Kate ZLX dream team. You are inside the dream house and I always like to bring my friends along this time we have. One online writer dialect of the fastest friends I have made in the industry. Cardinal says it. That getting dreaming big young and I in training but you know easily Carlos you've definitely you know console thank you you've been here before you know sometimes I have to via sometimes I'm like. It's definitely. You definitely have that in two it is eerie you know thinking again you know sometimes it's gonna. New openness there. EDC and people don't talk about ending in eleventh and then. When you you know we've just had this. Isn't this awesome connection. Yes seem to avert a thing for SS thinking it may be something like that I don't know but since I'm always yes it made me laugh in. And and that's where people that don't know. You are and accomplished songwriter. Yeah parents won't be universally. You know and in the eastern music sciences so I've been in music room there. And it's kind of brought me here radio. These everybody who comes as jima thing have to I would dream of some sort and they have to be like living their dream that's the criteria to be here. So you know you are definitely prime example of. You you got to wake up you know where that I can go. The heat and icky well now we are going that's the case and yes totally might always be. Aware the fact you still don't know yes that's you have to know that you don't knelt yes and say you know I don't know but it's okay. Because I'm not putting you can find your life exactly but if you just kind of lake that aware come back. We go beware come back in each his own to figure out your goals your dream where you go through thick edu. You'd be able to grumpy person with demolition could way and then you posting where things on FaceBook and again like. Things like on odd thing on things and then. Whose unit who would you pulling power even find somebody in a relationship. That. You just gotta find yourself. In order for somebody to. Feel that kind of attraction towards you because you've got an identity and and you know and I think like if you just kinda. To your own gain unit to lift the routine the whole routine of Hugh we can be but where you pay your bills and you go to sleep and. You've got to have something to bring to the table yet to be exciting for some I think I don't think those relationships work out at all where you kind of tee people just living that rat race. Because I don't really believe that they ever find out who the other person. You know he hasn't is living these peril as we go to work. Where is the where's the love of whom exactly the excitement or what how do you share stories and experiences like that's I think that's a big key part beat somebody for a long talk and longevity in a relationship is different and despite some. But complaints about. The body in Vegas to find some other right now EP yet the idea OK let's. That is being. You've been in a relationship Fareed gave me very long time yes going on sixties and you worked around six years and congratulate me. The happy the end of the sixty yap bait and it's been a challenge it's not easy because it's. You go through step two is you know you go through the the butterflies who you know without the tax. As a person called me and you know. And then he goes into OK like I I trust that this person's gonna stick around. And then after trusting that that person's gonna stick around it's all about the colors yes and once the colors show it gets tricky because it's a lot of compromise. It's a lot of okay will this person is great in love with the U. As its parts careers more or hobbies or whatever but then it's like. That person leaves their socks now that person leaves their shoes out that person is Messina purse and you know birds and a person far daddy's I know there's a minute there I humid in there that is comfortable enough. With being themselves season and when those colors are showing that's when you stars. Really. That's I think that's when the relationship. Is when you really say thing like that the part is they elect well liked to done without that yeah. Exactly or you know where it's not about Michael what date are we gonna go on this time. It's just like your guys are both on the couch watching TV being human beings I think that there is. Something when you know you find somebody who. Loves the way you do you good manner they love the same you know you and and this people who don't want to love you. No they wanna love you but they just don't love you the right way and that's led that's been my cell is like this thing that I really had to just. Hunting trip with that Allison a phenomenal and it should but. Hit the winning in love me it wasn't like Honda. Don't mean it was it was actually it was a buddy love it was held the with a puppy love. But it wasn't it done and what I felt was that. You know that the basis like. That. Yeah I think a lot of times you can love somebody who boat lack a lot of affection. Be scared to show affection. He's how is this or is just not there like you said it's but he is yes you can have that love her body was like I love you and I care about you. But the flame the fires since nine it's I can't say that and you can you can't fake that and and that's the one thing the human. He shouldn't say anything about it. Don't take the action don't say easy feat that's that's Cisco it's just in its is at the end of the day it's just gonna come around and if it's not affected the person that your feet unit two words and yet and it's gonna end up affecting view mentally emotionally it's gonna screw you. Always think timing is the only way we know how I aim only now time is your time that'll make a dime is always a time that relationships are a waste of time had not yet. If anything you call them less thin you can call them chapter is you could call them what Al verbal when you look back on your life. Nine pence at its and you really you know it that was such a waste of timing absolutely you know it's it's. As I've told the girl I say don't I'm not only my best years in mind. You know in the wrong in relation to play this and this is what it is you know it's. I'm here I'm inspiring on doing my job but common purpose and I'm not telling you you know take the best years in my life because you want to. Exactly and he's learned these yeah couscous and then and he's he's awesome he's. Think you said a word L a little while ago you said the magic word trust. Fast is. Trust it trust is stuck on Israel and the blank after tumbling trust is. What you trust is. How you come out let me ask you this. How do you. How do you build trust in your relationship. By Lou. By knowing what and it's time to put the phone. Or are trying to do my own thing like if you. You can like somebody but there's a really thin line. And it's almost blurry between. The first butterflies I like this person and differentiating between that an obsession. Like if you are just obsessed with the way the person looks the weak person dresses the way the person and it's a life of that can kind almost distracting from. Really getting to know somebody and really trusting I think. To rust is one of those things where it doesn't come easy but he can go fast what I found is that. It's. Luckily trust issues always start with. Yourself. And then you know majority of the time you're projecting. And your issues onto the other person you know I've been really really mindful. To make sure that. I am not making. The boo paid for. The mistakes of somebody else you know as this being an always. Giving him like a fair shot I that like a fresh page like you know we just because it's it's trusting that. It's just think myself in general it's it's really trusting myself and saying. I have made the best decision that I know that this is the best partner for me and once I did that. You owning you know it's about owning and sing act he is. Best. Partner you know for me. You know put that trap stuff I thought it started with myself it starts at yourself and has started trusting enough to let go of the past. And trusting that if it doesn't work out it's okay. It's totally okay that's been asked. That's I think that's the scary part you know anybody so gung ho about saying I need to trust myself to fall in love again I need to trust myself man opera like you really need to just yourself to let go out there are you sure when it not gone it's not gone is not good when those red flags are waving when you're blank. Sad when you're feeling like defeated it is time commitment to. I'm letting go if you fill empty. And if there's something there that is just not okay with who you are who you really are adding you've got to let that go yeah it'll start. It's like. I weeds. Are growing all over the place. And then when you learn to trust like that. When you learn to trust what is it working it Meeks what is working a lot easier to feed her a lot easier to trust in lake. OK but I think the pet trust with your partner builds. Within you. You know like you just free agency to task to shot link with the union and to understand that it's your thoughts. Hey that are making this person like untrustworthy in your head it's no all of that you're creating this whole person that does not even eggs then it's you you know all the talking to somebody else well there out holiday doing this are. That person is not that no ill and in your creating an. Enemies yes and you have to realize that that person had a life before they. And that's a big thing like they are life didn't start wing when they met you know you have to. Some people not everybody. Is on their phone this sometimes and with my relations are for example it was a lot of night. I was more of and I'm not a big tax there and I keep my phones in my pocket type thing. And when you meet somebody that's is wants to know where your attic taxing and hello is a good byes and all of that. It it for that person if they're used to communicating like hyper communicating. And you are not and it's not because you're doing things behind their back your busy working or going to school or your just your phones in your pocket eat at you different behavior different behaviors and you have to accept that that is not a reason to start. The interesting. Yes exactly it's yet exactly don't take it personal and all I have been called you back or taxing that I'm not doing anything wrong there's nothing. Wrongly we don't punish me. Foreign not settle for not talking about Greg's why is not a punishment you know lighted suddenly society today. That if you don't text me back when I expect you to that all of us soundly yer out in the streets she economy. Or there there there how V. They live their life and and is it that serious and it's like pick your bottle and it anymore and jumped to its inclusion. But somebody who'd isn't taxed. In three hours is out there are cheating on you why you let them be Jack. Exactly if you are already kind of starting on that play. You're gonna do you save that person heading ability to save that person because that's been selfish yes. And that's anatomy and like when you don't tries to become low self exactly and I understand asked questions always ask questions if something doesn't feel right. Okay ask the questions. Is yes they don't just make the person the villain in the Yangtze as you. You who've got issues you know as you'd had your heart broke right they didn't break your. Exactly and the relationship a relationship as two people and a lot of times when these situations these red flags that kind of behavior I think it's when somebody just once. A person next to them and at will whenever would you want a relationship more than the other person it's gonna show and when you're getting with somebody you can really. Wrap your head around giving up person's space and time. Then it means that you you kind of just want. It's like you want to guess you want like an item and exactly you know it's animal ownership the ownership like you just want this person and and and you're at you're the villain. You're the selfish one year the person that's not allowing this relationship to green that he got to let it bury you it's got every like the relationship. I stupor if there's no balance like. Which surprised or ways you know understanding that that person doesn't behave the way you do. That person is and maybe takes naps maybe he's your night person persons of papers in New York papers. He got to find somebody you can't force it. Never for a rule never forced the relations Apogee all I am just and that trust thing it's not than 99.9. Percent of and they've done nothing wrong. If you lead your crazy and think and then they're doing and saying bring you just our luck in and working in that in and. Com and they just took a long now. That's why didn't exe they were taxi because they had a long day and they just took a nap and now you're tripping because eating a text back we usually get them. There's no usual right plan the usual. Oh and I know especially in now nowadays we live and now quake generation like I gotta keep the movement week we Waco we go to work we get things done we go to the jam. We we were moving yeah. You know in life can't just stop because you laid eyes on somebody now. Gonna get it together because that's that is not you know it is that is absolutely not gonna fly. Still. Six years. Six years manners it's yes. I've learned to lie and granted we'd we started very young men you know and it's it's been a week you hear things like oh you've got to. Explore you got experiencing which is yeah totally I totally get that. But there is no time like if you meet some idea 21 new and is just working now. It works out there's people that I met that have known each other since middle school. And they are still yet granted to go through trials tribulations and they're living life threat life without it. But they're loyal to each other and trust each other in the know that they're eventually gonna come full circle. So it's not about age you know age is nothing new really angry you know and unfortunately set certain standards like open just eat you have to aids. By this age you gotta be married or is. All luckily no relief it's out the window number windows totally news is that you could be a childish fifty girls that can keep somebody to save your life. I mean insane and you and you can be a young person who is just. You just met somebody that knows how to work around you know work well we view them and I think Jimmy's pick your battles humor. Well most fun picking your brain Karl thank you. It was nice being here at the stream and you look calm. And yes you'll combat to change and we'll see you again. And pencils in I am act did ninja dogs. Tweet me. Throw them something and I'll hire. Or not. Hey it's been said Jean Ross. A.