CNN's Anderson Cooper Calls The Dream Team

Monday, March 6th


Anderson Cooper called the Dream Team and discussed is new book. 

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102 point done jade PLX today's number one for R&D. Welcome to the dream team radio yeah. Jets did dream team week day mornings alive Monday through Friday on one or two point nine JP. LX 12 point nine KB LX debate is number 14 iron and be well we have the pleasure right here right now to be talking. To CNN's Mary Ellen Anderson Cooper. Yeah. Good morning. Let me tell you I'll watch your show you and you put your facts out and you know I'm not filtered sometimes man I love the way you are. Korea. And record. Right Lilly we need you now more than ever really. And that's how do you maintain you know coming off clothes you know lose the election honey you just maintain your composure on TV. I can look things have gotten mellow out after election and let you know it. It's not as you know in but my dog to be fair accurate and I'm not a moment too. You know poke people wouldn't think anything exists try to get back then and let people make Burma. So we are here to talk about another success of yours is your number one New York Times best seller which is now in paperback it's called. The rainbow comes in goes a mother and son on life. Love and loss and what a lot of people don't know is that your mother is Gloria Vanderbilt. Weird I it's like is it the world's worst Pepsi. Yeah I just didn't feel that when asked them you know what I I think I still got some of those genes. We've seen as well. Now Amanda that now. I think that's Tuesday at Miami down bootlegs on dining with Eminem but. It's a demagogue the amount to a little bit about the book. I didn't say a moment since 91 eyes I didn't want to be anything left unsaid Alina sin and so. You know I think a lot of us with a parent of human error has been orderly development relationship with them and they agent and I thought it. You know what I'm gonna sit down and and my mom and I think you know conversation over the course of the next year I hurt for Nader and I expect her. Emma my uncle herb and remember everything and it brings that kind of thing you know your parent and all the way. Or delayed and so it coloring book I was because that's basically. The beat incumbent usually I don't read all the of course the year. So Anderson growing up did you realize who your momma was. Yeah I mean I don't want big picture on the street felt like and I thought it was kind normal guerrilla realize until I was you know. Clayton middle or I call it it was you know it with a month when my mom you know machine suddenly you know people have my mom's name proper spot. My brother right plagued him throughout the day we count how many people while violent my mom's name out there. But it is you know he looked incredibly why. You know I call it. Let me incredible like well white state like our own brand Frank Sinatra. Or use all of our people and and I didn't really know much about it until. Really and so we started as it. Congregation together what we have plans to make book but it does serve over the course I'm a lot of people are I was missing my fraternity owner Kelly rip that. I was doing that thing with my mom and currently have been well I would cite them that was my parent you know it always could be you know. Did you find it easy to talk to her about you know her love life does that mean you knew her. You know your entire life his mom but clearly she was on this planet for so many years as Gloria Vanderbilt so did you feel like you're. So it was a little bit about bigger you know I think you've made your perspective the auto email or whatever awkwardness or are that there was. And I am around November crippled person who will it talked about pretty much anything. But but I don't think it helped video you mallet and a marriage you know. Really we don't want to hurt other people do out you know complications were opening their lives in any way it. And ignorant and whether. How's your mom doing badly she's 91 Anderson. Got in 93 there back home again thankfully you know every you know exactly the overwhelming she's like. Harder than ever are ever written and they're not getting around partisan mode usually kill them but most optimistic person I've ever met don't think that's great love. Right around a corner on the most. Not about it absolutely comic book after that these next. Great like catastrophe greater order but my mom has just. You know things. You know something is right around a corner and I would I would say or optimism. And so we're somebody out there who might now want to write a book but perhaps a wants to start a conversation one of their parents. What do you think is the question that's like a great icebreaker task. You know I think he got his start off. Easy if not it could be right away or. You know Apatow. I could find no you know everybody wrote after my belt when they are living or they did relating. To date like. You know what are what counts. We're there what your parent parent like what her brother sister or why it took anything out of football and he get into it and actually you know you have to have it down with the ball often be awkward. I got a record and it was agreed to it is like putting a message in the bottle sitting it out probably get a response. You know and as a visual response but it. But most important thing when you're Hillary supporters at Olympic and the north part of things and whether or not there you know related proper. Third thing they want it but it wanna talk about C and then sell our program more or. It was a process that we are Vanderbilt as your mom and we didn't know that meant is this something in the book are as a number a number of things and a book. Never give agreed to move Dave in on that they know about you would someday if they wouldn't be surprised. Yet doesn't think like you know your sister it was just a particularly between him brilliant because he revealing things about you know. My child who was my mom my my you know that I had. Had a brother that it would and so would a lot of talk about that in between then. You know the a lot of of the revealed in the book that is I would normally talk about or you know sort our our speakers on my jobs. So again the very occurred personal and intimate. Look as bad and our lives and apparently. The mobile ideally your mom's on the collaboration. Dessert. It would find him to start the conversation. My momma don't worry but it wasn't until about three months into it that aren't auto loans and equity at book courage of this amounts. She should have been important that we we started regard native drew book. What is next for Anderson Cooper. You know I don't know I think hopefully. He's doing farm Bill Clinton and I don't know medical black. It was directly and a privilege airlines Oliver peoples stories and and all of that is. Willingly going to be busy for the next four years yes just when you Bob Barr all floor. Already and a little fade in the oh yeah he gets a separatist very often. 'cause like it is such occurred at age and I wouldn't have their work or are you going don't hang out we it's amazingly enough. They might have actually amounts for any kind of political division. There's no way I. The season matter anymore. Well. You know may well. But now I'm what. Part and I don't I don't and yeah answer I'm not on the court you know. They don't I'll. What you webpart then my old independent hamburger an agreement came on India. On morneau two point nine JD LAX.