Chrisette Michele calls the Morning Dream Team

Tuesday, February 7th


Chrisette Michele called the Morning Dream Team to talk about the controversy regarding her performance at President Trump's Inauguration. 

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102 point die JP LX debased number one for R&D. Welcome to the dream team radio podcasts. Jets did dream team week day mornings alive Monday through Friday on 102 point nine JP. LX. 102 point nine KB LX the Bay's number one for our beat dream team radio would give me Tito he's got and Tony Robertson on the phone lines this morning. Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter none other than Chris and Michelle joins us this morning yeah as a Smart anger. Morning on how we use this morning. Al Martin. Gore's everybody knows I you received tremendous flag on social media and elsewhere. Put your decision. To go ahead and perform for Donald trumps the not a rationing you just wanted to speak out. All on the backlash to to receive so far. I don't you know back in what was different type that immunity. And it really made me relax. That you want heart of America might not know beyond a part of America's doing and how. You know I had failed grateful for something like before beginning a conversation. My original you know and and ends up farming there's not because I'm a Republican I'm not enough because I you know vote for Donald Trump I did it. But it would kind of to laugh they'd be seen in a place where we kind of solve our Mitt leopard and the underrepresented. At present outlook actually like how did they get it took the would you let. Any other you know performance power shell anything we were contacted my management contacted. I'm my initial reaction was oh my I have to be there and that kind of like an after thought of oh my god people are gonna hate each. And in my management let down. While daughter at a bank land. First of course Ennis Silva since since then okay the united Grayson is out then you know he's been sworn in are you still getting gigs has this impact you financially. I am getting gay and and that kind of opinion I think you know when meat and elect a black sweater Whitney and get the entire nation are African American people and not. In all black winner and I hate the other blogs on the entire. Wait into the back of the people. Okay says he's been elected he's done some things such as the immigration ban how do you feel now I dates later. How would somebody decisions he's made early in his presidency. It everything everybody to be honest I've got a lot of friends. Not content but who are fighting been patient care debate I was on the front mine and are being yesterday. And he was saying that in Trinidad and thinking about banning trying to that I'm coming home I'll. I think it's scary I'm aren't you know not fit me in here but a lot of my friends are friends. I present. Our revenue that the TD Jakes mega fans and our team performance. And I think you've got a lovely boys and I want to like a big garage again Donald trumped people would you perform again. I don't know if he will call my life and a lot of what I do is today I got beat her in that base in order to be hurt at any time. Do you have any regrets on your decision. Any regrets whatsoever. You know I I think that's the beginning of a conversation I know a lot that I won that they in the past that have kind of shy about. And I think that is where all the people call you know it's time we need to add alcohol. But I think now more than ever I'm meat is really enough but what I believe and. And what is being Black History Month did you see the comments made yesterday about the president. About civil rights leaders and historical figures like Frederick Douglass is seems to me now I don't know if you saw economy does seem like he had no idea. Who'll be rich regardless sludge are pretty big media had done and so I mean how did you feel about that. It's scary again. You know that that's who we are who we thought we thought you know what I mean now we kind of alike are are after I hit it did not honorable. It is Gary and that is one of the reasons why I went of them for the inaugural ball I thought light and you know that can be might eat all. I thought like. We are weak you know that the there is a leap hawking who are about when he makes these statements about women. Immigrant African Americans. A different ethnicity I didn't felt like. They might not know we are and now that I am not listening and watching other common lately I'm I'm still feeling and way. You know but it's absolutely delighted at the end of the day what would you like to come out of all of this he said you started dialogue that you pleased they'd double started. What would you like to see this end up. I'd like to see it end up being progressive congress Asians now have decided you know enjoyment of the or does that started a web site called no political genius. And I'm gonna you know art document things that I have seen. And putting them out there you off at mass media and and hearing you know trump sentiment toward as a people. Is not something new not something I'm hearing the RI and it didn't wait for a while I'm and it and it might impact what does that start a conversation. And hopefully begin to create and change together. What it is backlash and I you know we can't be bullied. In making our own issues I think that's what happened. The Jennifer Holliday but that's that's not the kind of girl I am and I'm really a stop. I would I think we say now we just want to thank you for taking time do you schedule. Of course you do have to you know come on a radio ads we faced days and and and traced these questions so we appreciate you coming on explaining yourself in giving your view or opinion. Glad you know. It's another dream team radio exclude the clues on why don't two point nine KP LX.