Friday, March 24th


In this episode, Kimmie Tee, teaches you how to fly your emotions on the path to feel good. 

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Patriots until yeah. You can grandstand stops keeps. King bad once again and he needs he's dreaming. Discover the good life your post is PDT. Other 12 point nine OK ZLX dream team. It's gimme tee and you're inside did you green homes. Pinch. Yeah that was the song that they might put Janet Jackson on the map but it is also something that we have to deal with every single day. Let's talk about this C layered and I'm talking about control all right. When you think of the word control. What comes to mind how do you feel how do you feel when I say I UN controlled decent yes or no. Well it's a mixture isn't it you can gain control of some things that you want to be in and then there are things that are 110%. Out of your control. Such as traffic you really can't control the traffic weather you can't control the weather. How your boss approaches you. Mean he can't really control that but you can't control how you react to it. You can can kill your feelings. That's right feelings emotions can all be controlled by EU. Just like a pilot is responsible for landing the plane you with the holiday here emotions how about that. Visualize it you wanna make this landing you wanna have a good day right. So you set your controls use that your flight plan for having good day. See now you know the emotions that you need in order to have these days focus and concentration. You need. To be happy and keep a smile in your face Sony and it really gonna think about the things. That keep you focused you can think about the things that. Makes you happy. That's tight you can control your emotions is that you want the hi him so I was going with this control is home. About a give and take. And then flown at peak and valley wind to know when you're in control and wind. To take responsibility to have control and then went to say. Have absolutely nothing to do with this no matter what happens. In my control. When it comes to other people. Just keep internal Miki controlling anything that they do. How many times as the kid never listen to you. How many times have you had to tell the same person hold him and knew that an older children moment until there again. But no matter what you do to keep team that he can kill them. But. Like this that you can control those emotions you aren't that he. He can land the plane baby got to land the plane Natalie in the promotion. Gone and their relationship. We sabotage our relationships because we've let our emotions. Controlling us. One thing can set us off and all of a similar so disgusted. But the person that we just like five minutes ago. So this is Sarah minding your quick little reminder. That control and yes it exists. Sometimes you give things sometimes you're taking. It's just a matter of thing land. You need seat fixing your life been under five minutes and you can thank you gene Haas.