Friday, March 24th


In this episode, Kimmie Tee helps you overcome your biggest critic. Fix your life in under 5 minutes. 

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Patriots until yeah. You can grandstand stops keeps. Came back once again MTV TDs dream and I. Discovered that good luck to your host his TVT's other ones two point nine KZLX. Dream team. Jimmy cheek and you're inside to Jayne house. Stop waiting for people to celebrate who you want to. Nobody will ever know all the time for the T use this let the blood the breath that you have put into B when you line. Don't give that satisfaction to somebody else. A lot of people are waiting they're waiting on the sidelines. They are waiting for the light they are waiting for the approval. Of other people to celebrate home collecting. Your talents. You can ask for your natural talent you're giving you attack. Stop hiding their talents from us because you don't understand that they are. If you're great at singing and singing if you're wonderful cooking and cook maybe you do the best paid firmer shape in the world. Showing off we are so inundated by negative images and I think that's because we're afraid. We're afraid to show cool ER what we're made of where we're going home we want to date. But why this is why we're on the planet earth we're here to thrive where he had a smile we're here to feel good we hear you saying make love. And just have a good time he. So please. For the sake of humanity. Father time mother earth and every fish in the sea. Stump heightening. Stop hiding their talents stop hiding the magic inside eightieth. How can we build dreams. If we don't know what tool is he bringing to the party. Partly an NL coming in and out to ask you. To come arranged the flowers slowly in a note to ask you to come home and didn't pay. If you don't show us how good you are at what you do we have to Kynan. She'll walk again start showing off let selloff the good stuff who love the gifts and talents since nineteen. Can keep fixing enlightenment and excitement into pitching.