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I Don't "Do" Pink

Feb 14, 2013 -- 12:49pm

For someone who doesn't fancy the color PINK very much, I find it very ironic that not only did I have a baby girl but that she was born on Valentine's Day!

My mother thinks it's hilarious!

My husband is challenging me to embrace the reality.

But Pink isn't just a color, it's a CULTURAL PARADIGM!

And I've always done all that I could to push back at culturally impossed stereotypes!

Girls like Blue too!! And Black and Red and Orange and Brown.. for that matter.

So why is it that all 'girl's' stuff is sooooo damned... .PINK!!??

Anyway... I always, consciously, dress her so that people know that she is a girl.. but we keep it FUNKY!

And if, when she's able to dress herself, she wants to wear Pink from head to toe..... then more power to her!


Girl Power!


xo Sterling and Baby Girl

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