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New Artist Spotlight: Daley

Mar 04, 2013 -- 1:39pm

102.9 KBLX is here to bring you the hottest R&B on the radio! 

As music director, I come in contact with great music all of the time.

What makes my position extra special are the hit records that come from brand new artists on the scene. 

KBLX's Program Director, Stacy, brought Daley to our attention and all we can say is, "Wow, this kid is amazing!"

Ladies and gentlemen, KBLX welcomes with open arms, Daley. 

Daley is a rising UK singer-songwriter hailing from Manchester, England. You'll hear touches of neo-soul, jazz, funk and pop in his smooth sound. Over the last few years Daley has been performing around the UK with his inflective, melodic vocal style, songwriting flair and sense of style. This boy can sang! 

We're all looking forward to what Daley is going to bring to the world of music! Hopefully we will all be able to catch a live performance here in the Bay Area soon! 

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